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Map Of Europe Quiz Sporcle. Can you name the counties that contain the letter 'N'. Do you have an upcoming geography quiz on Europe but can't tell Austria apart from Hungary on a map?.

Click on the correct country in the map of Europe (no outlines given) in this challenging and fun interactive map game!. Biggest Cities in the United States. Countries Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco and San Marino were removed from the quiz as they are too small and it's complicated to select them on the map.

Geography facts such as those can be the difference in how your next geography quiz on Europe goes.

Traveling from Northumberland in the northeast to Cornwall on the southwestern tip is about a five-hundred-mile journey that goes right through.

They're included in the quiz too. Europe: Country Outlines – Map Quiz Game: Calling all experts on European geography! Pieces of Maps (Europe II) Quiz.

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