Map Of Europe Fires

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Map Of Europe Fires. A red point on the map stands for a fire. Devastating wildfires are taking place across the world right now, as soaring temperatures and dry conditions continue in the wake of the ongoing climate crisis.

Sometimes the fires are out of control in the popular holiday regions. The fires in Europe have spread to parts of France — as you can see on a few different maps, various regions nationwide are being evacuated.. Hundreds of fires have raged from Algeria to Jerusalem in the past.

The wildfires in Turkey have spread to Italy and Greece during a blistering heatwave (Image: inews) Europe fires map: Where wildfires are raging across Turkey, Rhodes, Greece and Italy after.

Forest fires fueled by a protracted heat wave continued to rage on Thursday from Italy to Turkey and through the Balkans.

It's not just France, Spain and Portugal that have been affected. Satellites reveal cloud-free views of Europe with parched land and out of control wildfires as record-breaking heatwave engulfs the continent.. The Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS) is a joint initiative of the GEO and the Copernicus Work Programs.

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