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Map Of Europe 800 Ad. Euratlas Home> Historical Maps> History of Europe>. The south-eastern Baltic coast now contains a host of known tribes.

The coronation of Charlemagne represented an irrevocable breach between Constantinople and Rome. We identified it from honorable source. And there were no scandinavian viking settlements on the shores of Estonia.

In the European continent, this year is sometimes believed the border date between the.

The Frankish empire under the command of the Carolingian king, Charlemagne, greatly expanded its borders eastwards, engulfing several tribal states in the north and north-east, the sizeable Bavarian state in Central Europe and its satellite, Khorushka, and much of northern Italy.

Their kings are active supporters of the Catholic church and its leaders, the popes (based in Rome). History & Commercial Atlas of China. The past two and a half centuries have seen the Franks come to rule most of modern-day France and much of Germany.

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